12th Street Theater Case

Local theater owner Victoria Frankle was murdered on Thursday April 4, 2002 at a theater in downtown Edston. In an attempt to cover their tracks and finish the job, the killer set fire to the theater. Original suspects include: 

Malcolm Frankle (The Husband) 
Maggie Cooper (The Best Friend)
Angela Witherson (The Actress) 
Franklin Rooks (The Local Business Owner) 
Donnie Dylan (The Stagehand) 

All 5 of these original suspects cooperated fully with investigators and provided statements and fingerprints. However, given the lack of physical evidence recovered from the fire, the case went cold and was never solved. Two years later, local business owner Franklin Rooks attempted to purchase the property where the theater was located only to determine the property was not in the name of Malcolm or Victoria Frankle. The name on the deed was listed as one Caleb Towers. Police work determined that Caleb was the previously unknown son of Victoria from a previous marriage who was never questioned in the original investigation. After finding this information, detectives Irvine and Trapper went to speak to Caleb and found out that he has struggled tremendously over the last two years knowing his mom’s murder was unsolved. He was able to provide insight into his mother’s case and a piece of potential evidence. After getting new information and seeing what this unsolved murder has done to the family left behind the detectives enlisted help from the Cold Case Crackers to finally bring justice to the killer and closure to the family left behind.