Addenberg Train Bomber: Audio Interview Text

These are the questions asked to Tyler and the answers he provided.

Question 1: Why were there bomb diagrams and train schedules in your house?

I have been working in that life for the past decade. I have had stuff like that all over my house for years.


Question 2: How did you know about the Addenberg bomb?

I told this guy things I knew from all my years in bomb defusal unit in the military. I shouldn’t have. Afterwards, I had a feeling he was going to go through with it.


Question 3: How did the bomber contact you?

The only way we ever communicated was online. He always went by the same username. It was futureman72.


Question 4: Do you know who they are?

No, I really don’t. I knew if I came forward without a name, I would take the fall for it all. I have been trying to find out ever since.


Question 5: What did you do for the bomber?

I just told him some things I knew. I told him about timing devices and how to wire components.


Question 6: Why did you go along with everything?

At first I thought I was just sharing what I knew. I was angry with my life at the time and didn’t think. Afterward, I figured I could make it all go away if I just said nothing.


Question 7: Where did he put the next bomb?

He wouldn’t tell me. I tried to find out. I wasn’t going to help him again, but he asked for help with the timing device. Then he told me “with or without your help it is going off at 9:15.


Question 8: Why was the bomber doing this?

I don’t know. I really don’t. He would always talk about justice though and making things right.


Question 9: Did you help him with the new bomb?

He sent me information about the bomb and asked for more parts, but I refused to give him anymore help.


Question 10: Do you have anything else to say?

I hope you stop him. I know I will have to answer for my part in this, and I will. But, I don’t want to see anyone else die. If I could take it all back I would. I really would.