Addenberg Train Bomber: Media Server

Media Server Access-001110001101-Townes

I’m Sorry!

Not for what I have done, but for how I had to do it. If you are reading this, my plan has been executed, and justice has been served. The ending to my story had to be transfer station three, this is where I was suppose to pick up Megan the day of the derailment. To my family, you didn’t deserve to see me like this, in this turmoil. You didn’t deserve my negativity, please understand I did this for truth. I did this out of love not hate love for you all and my wife. After that day I looked in the mirror and saw an afraid, helpless, and hopeless man who had not given honor to his one and only. I have served that justice now and I hope it will lead to no other person being treated like this again. For once I finished something I started and preserved my late wife’s name. Megan, I love you!