Bloom Gala Case

On Saturday August 15, 2008, Tom Biggins, the financial and political celebrity, attended the unveiling of a new Pop Art exhibit at the Bloom Gallery of 20th Century Art (BG20) outside of Midtown Atlanta, in Dogwood Heights. In the midst of a gala dinner celebrating the exhibit’s opening that same night, Biggins’ dead body turned up in the back stairwell. Police and detectives quickly arrived at the scene, securing interviews from guests and the wait staff alike. However, authorities quickly abandoned the case. The public fixated on Tom’s mysterious death, as the absence of any official story gave breath to far-fetched theories.

A year later, in June of 2009, an anonymous blog post recaptured the public eye. According to this anonymous blog poster, Tom was using the gala as an elaborate cover to obtain a stolen cultural treasure, smuggled out of Papua New Guinea. Somehow, instead of securing this illicit treasure, Tom Biggins met his end. The current whereabouts of this treasure, a ceremonial  mask belonging to the people of Papua New Guinea, remain unknown. Perhaps, uncovering the truth behind Tom’s death will lead to the repatriation of this sacred artifact to the community which wrought it. 

You and your team of Cold Case Crackers, surrounded by immense media pressure, have been entrusted with uncovering the truth behind closed doors in 2008. Your suspects are the attendees of the gala dinner, each moguls and magnates of wealth and business in their own right. Based on the content of police interviews conducted the night of Tom’s death, five major suspects have been identified who require your immediate attention: 


Giuseppe Serpente (The Pet Dealer)
Simi Everlynn (The Curator)
Bella Petro (The Oil Baron)
Ollie Hogwash (The Distiller)
Riley Cyan (The Salesman)


The major packet of evidence contains everything the police obtained the night of and in the days following August 15th. Once you and your team have familiarized yourselves with the contents of the major evidence packet, open the Phase 1 envelope. The Phase 1 envelope contains the blog post and other new information we have received to reopen the case.