Clearwater Hotel Murders Case

On Thursday, March 13, 2005, a body was discovered at a vacant rental property in Timberville, Florida. This killing was the first in a string of three murders that brought the town its first serial killer. All the victims had been guests at The Clearwater Hotel and were abducted the day they checked in. The police connected all of the killings through calling cards left by the suspect. Each victim was murdered seven days after they were taken. Original suspects include:

Lisa Mudd (the hotel manager)
Luke Spivey  (the podcaster)
Gary Atkins (the realtor)
Erik Stallings (the security guard)
Jason Pike (the valet)


All 5 of these suspects cooperated with investigators by providing statements and fingerprints. The last killing occurred in November of 2005 and due to a lack of evidence in the case, the heinous serial killer remained at large, and the case went cold. 

On December 4, 2006, a visiting heiress by the name of Caitlin Bradshaw went missing after checking into her hotel. Police found a calling card in her room and forensically matched it to those found at the murders from2005. This new development revealed to police that there are two victims of The Clearwater Hotel killer who are unknown. The town is now on edge knowing that The Clearwater Hotel killer has reemerged. 

Police believe if Caitlin is not found by the seventh day, then this killer will claim their sixth victim. Given the high priority of this case, both state and federal agencies have called upon the Cold Case Crackers. With help from this elite detective team, the Town of Timberville hopes to save Caitlin, bring this serial killer to justice, and stop this madness once and for all.