Fairlake Bank Heist

On Thursday January 27, 2005, a group of three armed perpetrators entered Broadway Savings and Loan to carry out a planned heist. The  group managed to steal over 2 million dollars from safety deposit boxes and cash drawers. During the heist one of the perpetrators shot and killed a security guard in the bank. Three days later, during the investigation, police tracked two of the perpetrators to a hotel. The officers on scene found them both dead, and it is believed that the remaining team member killed them both and is the mastermind of the entire heist. Original suspects for the mastermind include:

Austin Woods (the pilot)
Neil Turner  (the bank manager)
Alex Hartman (the I.T. specialist)
Charles Gibson (the professor)
Henry Pratt (the ex-con)

All 5 of these original suspects cooperated with investigators and provided statements and fingerprints. Detectives collected evidence and followed all leads at the time. However, there was not enough evidence to confirm any suspect as the mastermind. The case went cold and the suspect responsible for the heist and three murders is still on the loose.

A year and a half later detectives got a break in the case when they arrested an infamous criminal who traffics in stolen goods. The notorious smuggler and trafficker of stolen goods Jimmy Hobbs. He was arrested in possession of a gold watch that was listed among the items stolen during the bank heist in 2005. Police know that Jimmy was out of the country during the heist but believe that he could have important information as to who the mastermind is. The lead detective, Vicki Price, jumped at the chance to follow this important break in case and questioned Jimmy at the prison. While interviewing Jimmy, she was able to gain valuable information about the heist. In addition, she obtained a map and cypher that was used by the mastermind in the planning of the heist. After receiving this new information, Detective Price enlisted help from the Cold Case Crackers. She believes that the new evidence will be key to identifying the mastermind, seeing justice be served, and bringing closure to all those affected.